Stay Tuned to Hearing

Throughout my eight years of clinical experience, I have seen many types of hearing weaknesses caused by a variety of reasons. The most common cause that I observe in my daily work is still the natural aging of our hearing. The gradual decline in our hearing can dramatically impact our quality of life, making even the simplest activities in our day more difficult, which can eventually make us feel less inclined to socialise with our family and friends.

However, in recently years, I have noticed an increase in the number of clients experiencing hearing loss from not wearing satisfactory hearing protection in a noisy work environment. As a result, they now strain to follow everyday conversations at home with their family. Many of those clients reported that they regretted this as they could have prevented their hearing loss if they knew to wear hearing protection earlier.

In fact, it has been found that since 1950 to the present, the average volume of music has increased by 39%! As an analogy, our hearing is like a ‘glass’ and the daily noise is ‘water’. So each noisy activity that you do: from the loud music at the gym to mowing the lawn, is all adding ‘water’ to the ‘glass’. The glass can only hold a certain amount of water before it overfills and pours out, which means the noise has caused temporary damage to our hearing. If these noisy activities are frequent enough then it will result in permanent damage.

So even our lives are noisier. Of course, it wouldn’t be very practicable to wear hearing protection all hours of the day, but it highlights the importance of getting our hearing regularly checked and monitored.

At Stay Tuned Hearing, we will look after your hearing needs by offering comprehensive hearing assessments and 30 days hearing aid trials (if required) with no cost and no obligation.