Truth about hearing aid clinics

Truth about hearing aids clinics

Lately, there has been some news and incorrect information surrounding hearing aids, which I would like to clarify.

At Stay Tuned Hearing, our award-winning service is second to none. We are a small, independent, private hearing aid clinic. But what does that mean for you?

Because your clinic is small, does it mean your hearing aids are more expensive?
Because we are a small hearing aid clinic, we do not buy hearing aids in bulk. This means we are not pressured to sell a particular hearing aid to get rid of stock. Furthermore, because we do not pay millions of dollars to managers and CEOs and/or pay for staff commissions, we have low overhead costs and this allows us to pass on the savings to our customers. As a small clinic, we are very flexible and accessible, meaning we can provide quick and responsive clinic and home visit appointments so that you do not have to wait months to be seen.

What is the difference between independent and everyone else?
Being an independent clinic means that we are not owned or contracted to prescribe a particular hearing aid manufacture. We do not have sale targets and are able to service all leading manufacturers.

Then what does ‘private clinic’ mean?
A private clinic indicates that we can service all adult rehabilitation, which includes Pensioners, Veterans, Worksafe and Privates. Non-private clinics do not service Worksafe and Private clients.

How much do hearing aids cost?
For most people, the cost of hearing aids start from ~$1,400 for a pair. But if you are a Pensioner or Veteran, the Government Pension Voucher program will subsidise that cost of ~$1,400.

But what is the Pension Voucher Program?
Due to the immense size of the hearing industry in Australia, there is a branch of Medicare that specifically deal with Pensioners and their hearing, known as the ‘Office of Hearing Services (OHS)’. For Pensioners and Veterans, if required, OHS will subsidise a pair of hearing aids (~$1,400) or a set of listening devices to assist with your hearing needs. Pensioners and Veterans who wish to purchase hearing aids outside the Government free list, this is referred to as a ‘Top up’, the ~$1,400 will be transferred over, meaning you only need to pay for the balance of the Top up hearing aids.

Do I need Top up hearing aids?
Top up hearing aids have more features than the basic model and are usually more cosmetically appealing. Choosing the right hearing aid is dependent on many factors: your lifestyle, cosmetics and cost, just to name a few.
At Stay Tuned Hearing, we understand that everyone is different and has unique needs. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we tailor our assessment and advice to your individual hearing needs. If appropriate, we always provide a 30-day free hearing aid trial to give you peace of mind as you can try before you buy.

Do the hearing aids use batteries? And how do I get them?
Yes, hearing aids uses a special button battery designed to reduce battery leakage that can damage the aids. As a Pensioner, you can choose to pay for the OHS maintenance fee annually ($43.89 for free-to-client hearing aids or $50.40 for Top up hearing aids) and it entitles you to: batteries, services appointments and repairs. For Veterans, there is no fee as it is paid by OHS.
Backstage, OHS is subsidising ~$150 to cover the rest of the cost to maintain your hearing aids. You can pop into our clinic to collect the batteries or give us a call and we will post them out to you (whichever is more convenient to you).

I have already got hearing aids elsewhere, can I still come to you?
Yes you can. Whether you got your hearing aids through the OHS program, Worksafe or they have been privately purchased, at Stay Tuned Hearing, we service and care for all adult rehabilitation and hearing aids.
Most times, we fix our clients’ hearing aids and this has helped our clients’ save money by not having to buy new ones.

My last bit of advice:
Given hearing aids are a medical device and a big investment that is supposed to last five years, people often forget to shop around. Shopping around will allow you to compare prices and services. In the hearing industry, aftercare service for your hearing aids is vital for your continued satisfaction.
Hearing aids are similar to cars, they require regular check-ups, every 6 – 12 months, to ensure that the hearing aids are clean and adjusted accordingly to your hearing levels.
Your hearing aid purchase is a journey, and so we strive to make it a pleasant experience. At Stay Tuned Hearing, we provide quality products, at a competitive price, and also excellent service. We also offer 18months servicing for private purchases for your peace of mind.

Most people do not know what they are eligible for. So, if you have any further questions, or if you feel that your hearing is not what it once was, or you are having trouble with your current hearing aids, please call us on 9708 8626 to arrange an appointment and we will endeavour to find you a solution.