July 19, 2014

Types of Hearing Loss

Our hearing is very delicate and is susceptible to weakness. There are many forms of hearing weakness:

Conductive Hearing Loss

Excessive wax in the ear canal or suffering from a cold can cause a 'conductive hearing loss'. In most cases it is temporary, but in severe cases, such as frequent ear infections, this can cause scarring of the ear drum resulting in permanent conductive hearing loss.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

1-in-6 Australians are affected by hearing loss. Most of these are either age related, hereditary or noise induced. This type of loss is permanent in nature; however, it is readily managed by using hearing devices to communicate with your family and friends.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from both types of hearing losses mentioned above. This is called 'mixed hearing loss'. The severity of this type of loss will determine the management process as the conductive component can either be temporary or permanent.

What’s that Buzzz?

Tinnitus can often be referred as ringing, buzzing, whistling or even roaring in the ears. It is generated within either one or both the ears and can be caused by many reasons such as;
◊ temporary hearing loss cause by loud noises (e.g. coming home from a rock concert)
◊ stress and anxiety related
◊ symptoms from certain medical conditions and treatments

There are no known cures for tinnitus but treatments such as auditory stimulation, sound distraction and counseling can help alleviate the symptoms. For more information please contact us or the Tinnitus Association of Victoria.