Hearing Services Program for Pensioners

Before You Start

You don’t need to do this alone. We can help you!

Book an appointment with us, and Stay Tuned Hearing will:

  • Check your eligibility
  • Take you through your application process*
  • Give you a hearing test
  • Discuss your options, and what services or devices could be fully, or partially subsidised by being part of the hearing services program.
  • Be your point of support with ongoing maintenance, information, and care.

Please give us a call on 03 9708 8626 and we would be happy to book a time for you.

*If you already have a provider, we can also process the change request on your behalf at the appointment.

Happy doing your own research for now?

We have you covered too! Continue on below to find out more.

1. Am I eligible for the pensioner's hearing services program?

Test your hearing loss on the below link

Want to get an idea of your hearing damage?

Click the link above and you will be taken to a government website page with an online hearing test.

It is straightforward and with no tricky email requests for results.

We do suggest that you go and find some headphones to use for the best results.

NOTE: The best and most sure results are with a qualified audiologist conducting a hearing test.

Well, first things first.

You are here because you want to know if you are even eligible for the hearing services program.

So let’s get that out of the way before we dive into what benefits this provides.

Below here is a link to a government website page to find out right away if you are eligible. All you need is your Centrelink Pensioner Card to get started!

NOTE: A Commonwealth Seniors Health Card does not provide eligibility for the program.

Pensioner concession card image for eligibility for Hearing Services Australia at mount eliza audiologist

2. How do I use the vouchers from the hearing services program?

So now that you know you are eligible, you will wonder how it all works.

Good question!

Once you have completed your application you will receive vouchers to use with providers (your Audiologist). These vouchers will remain valid for up to 5 years, so there will be ample time for you to take advantage of the hearing services program (HSP) voucher.

The provider you choose will have to be registered with the HSP in order for you to use them. Rest assured that Stay Tuned Hearing is a registered HSP provider.

What can I use my hearing services vouchers for?

While not all services will be fully covered as a part of having access to this program. You will gain access to subsidised devices and services.

For instance, you can have a hearing aid fully covered with the use of your voucher. But, it will be only the base model afforded by the price cap put on the voucher.

It is often likely that a patient will use the voucher instead as a subsidy for a more expensive hearing aid, and just top-up the cost difference so that they can enjoy the benefits of a more custom hearing solution.

Curious about hearing aids, and the different types there are?

Check out our article on how to choose the best hearing aid for your needs. Being an independent hearing aid dispenser, we source and service all leading major manufacturers.

An Audiologist holding a hearing aid with pensioners in background at his mount Eliza clinic in Mornington Peninsula

We also offer: 

  • 30 days no obligation/money-back guarantee if your hearing device is not suited for your needs
  • 3 years warranty 
  • 12 months free servicing on your hearing aids
  • Old for New – Trade in your old device for a price reduction on new devices

Voucher Services Overview

Fully Subsidised with a Voucher
  • Hearing Assessment
  • Hearing Aid (This will be a base standard device)
  • Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories*
  • Hearing Test
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Repair*
  • Device Fitting
  • Follow-up Appointment to Fitting

*Dependent on cost, otherwise subsidised.

Subsidised with a Voucher
  • Hearing Aid (This will be a feature-rich device)
  • Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from a doctor to use my HSP voucher?

No! Just bring along your pensioner concession card to your appointment with our audiologist and we can sort out the rest.

Do Seniors get fully subsidised hearing aids?

Unfortunately, a Seniors Health Card does not provide access to the hearing services program to get a fully subsidised hearing aid.

How much does the hearing services program cost?

Nothing, it is a fully subsidised government service for those who are eligible.

Can I get a bluetooth hearing aid through the hearing services program?

The hearing services program does not specify makes, brands, or models. It only provides a voucher for a capped amount.

So, technically you can get a Bluetooth hearing aid, but it may not be fully covered. You could need to top-up the remaining amount after the deduction of the voucher amount.

Do you offer the alternative of after-hours appointments?

Yes, on request we can do after-hours appointments if you are unable to make it in the standard trade hours. Give us a call on 03 9708 8626

How do I know if I am eligible for the hearing services program (HSP)?

You can either contact us to take you through the process or go to the link above that will take you to the government website to check your eligibility for yourself.

Either way, all you need is your pensioner concession card for a fully covered consultation, hearing assessment, and help to apply to the HSP program with us.

How can I change HSP provider?

Stay Tuned Hearing can take care of this for you on your initial consultation.

The lodgment of a consent form is required, which we can complete together and have lodged so that all your hearing records can be passed on for continuity of care.

Do you need a referral for a hearing test?

Nope, just contact us for an appointment!

Is there a required hearing loss level to be eligible for the hearing services program?

No, not for the voucher scheme, which is what the pensioners will use if they are eligible through their possession of a pensioner concession card.

However, during the consultation and hearing assessment afforded to you by the program. The audiologist will assess your hearing damage to determine that hearing aids are necessary. This is the same for Aural Rehabilitation. So it is not a given that you will be able to receive vouchers for such things as just mentioned, but by the severity and need of your condition decided by your audiologist.

The scheme that requires more specific criteria to be eligible for its funding is the Community Service Obligations (CSO) scheme provided by Hearing Australia.

Can I get a home visit from an audiologist?

Yes! Stay Tuned Hearing does home visit requests. From hearing aid fittings to hearing tests, we can can come to the comfort of your own home. Give us a call on 03 9708 8626

Looking for Government Hearing Services information ?

Looking for Government Hearing Services information ?

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