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Stay Tuned Hearing offers services for all your audiology needs. Working with world leading technology leaders for hearing assist devices and state of the art practices for testing and diagnosis.

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Services for you

Stay Tuned Hearing offers services for all your audiology needs. Working with world leading technology leaders for hearing assist devices and state of the art practices for testing and diagnosis.

Call Monday to Friday

Looking for Government Hearing Services information ?

Looking for Government Hearing Services information ?

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Be assessed by a Leading Audiologist on the Mornington Peninsula


Recieve world class diagnosis and advice from a specialist in the Audiology profession. Robin brings with him over 20 years of audiology education and experience.

Services range from assessments to fittings and everything in between. Able to supply ongoing service excellence, going above and beyond to make your hearing health journey as seamless as possible.

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Hearing Assessments

Our managing Audiologist is fully accredited by Audiology Australia (AA), and has over eight years of experience providing hearing care to the Mornington Peninsula. Working with the Australian Government and Worksafe Victoria, we have the latest diagnostic equipment to provide you the best hearing health care. We provide diagnostic testing for:

  • Australian Veteran and Pension Hearing Scheme
  • Worksafe (Vic) Hearing Scheme
  • Pre-employment tests
  • Police force applicants
  • Pilots and Aviation hearing tests
  • Wax removal and wax management
  • Tinnitus management

If required, at Stay Tuned Hearing, we offer demonstration devices for you to try before you buy.

Hearing Device Fittings

We understand that everyone is unique so we endeavour to offer individualised care to cater for the different lifestyles, hearing needs and ultimately improve your quality of life.

Being an independent hearing aid dispenser, we source and service all leading major manufacturers to provide the right fit for your hearing needs. We provide professional and unbiased advice.

We also offer 30 days no obligation / money back guarantee if you find that the hearing device is not suited for your needs.

Additionally, we provide 3 years warranty and 12 months free servicing on your hearing and hearing aids.

Furthermore, our low overhead cost means the savings are passed onto you!

Ongoing Services

We will monitor your hearing every 12 months to ensure that the devices are properly maintained and calibrated but should you have any concerns before the next check-up; we’re always here to help. Just consider our relationship as teamwork – for us to help, you have to let us know and together we can quickly resolve your concerns.

Additionally, after hours, weekend consultations and home visits are just a few ways we like to help you get back to hearing.

We pride ourselves on being an independent business that offers affordable competitive pricing, with no hidden costs. You can trade-in your old devices to help reduce the already exceptionally low cost of our hearing devices.

Come and have a chat and see how much we can save you on your next hearing aid purchase.

  • Hearing aid cleaning and management
  • Assists with iPhone and Android mobile phone pairing and support with hearing aids
  • Home visits to install TV hearing aid accessories


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Hearing Aid Information

Manufacturers that we service and supply

Hearing aid styles range from

      • behind-the-ears

      • custom in-the-ears

      • invisible completely-in-canal hearing aids

Hearing aid accessories

      • Recharagable hearing aids

      • Accessories for TV streaming services

      • Remote control and compatible apps

Eligibility and Funding

If you hold one of the below cards, then you may be eligible for Government hearing services.

Please give us a call and we can check for you.

Pensioners, Veterans & NDIS

Given the expected growth in the demand for hearing services, the Government is focused on improving access to hearing services for the most vulnerable people in society.

Stay Tuned Hearing is an accredited National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Office of Hearing Service (OHS) provider.

If you are a pensioner and want more information on the Hearing Service Program, find out more HERE

OHS Eligible Cards
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Expected Service

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) provides eligible people with access to a range of complimentary and subsidised hearing services, including;

Comprehensive hearing assessments by qualified hearing practitioners

Access to a wide range of hearing devices by leading manufactures

Optional maintenance support for appointments, repairs and batteries for a small fee

Private Health Insurance / Worksafe Victoria

Your health insurance policy may assist you with your next hearing aid purchase. So please give them a call and see if they can help. Alternatively, visit us at the clinic and we can help you find out.

Most people are not aware of their entitlements and that industrial noise is one of the leading causes for hearing deterioration.

We specialise in industrial noise compensation cases and will assist you in getting fully funded hearing devices through Worksafe (Vic).

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Message us with any questions you might have

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Please don’t hestiate to send a message or call for any queries you may have.